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With the AA-Litter we start completely new - a new alphabet. And if you start completely new you better start with something old - then you know what you get.

So, we take the X-Litter and out comes the AA-Litter.

The X-Litter wasTrewater River and Dailuaine jewel in the crown. And because we want to start new, this time we take Dailuaine jewel in the crown and Trewater River.

Why we do so? Because the X-Litter is an exceptional litter, all health-results of hips, ellbows and eyes turned out positive, because it is Jewels last litter and because we wanted to.

The mating was perfect - just with old mates. And to make it special for both, they did it on Valetine's Day - pretty romantic, isn't it?


The Pedigree of the AA-Wurfes is absolutely identical to the X-Litter with mathematical precision..








Dailuaine. Jewel

in the crown






Multi-CH Amirene

Wind In The Willows




Amirene Jamie of



Fernyvale Rambler

Of Pinecrest

Shandeen Sportsman Of Pinecrest

Fernyvayle Solitaire

Amirene Grouse


SHCH Nortonwood Checkmate

Amirene Jenny Wren



Amirene Integrity


Amirene King Eider

Of Davern

SHCH Nortonwood Checkmate

Stalyhills Miss Avenger Of Amirene

Darris Double Dutch

At Amirene

CH Sansue Golden Ruler

SHCH Sandusky Brigitta of Darris






destiny’s child





Of Graceful Delight


Friendship Classic Tattoo

CH Mjaerumhögda’s Classic Sound

CH Perrimay Fadilla


Shadowfax Amazing Graces

CH Riis Diago

Teacher’s Passion Echo




Amirene Dream On



 Purban Xtra Thunderstorm

Lorinford Thunderstorm Of Purbarn

Cinmarsh Creates Havoc At Purbarn


Amirene Quietly Confident

SHCH Stanroph Soldier Boy

Darris Double Dutch At Amirene









Trewater River



Shardanell Castaspell



Ipcress Sir Thomas



Perrimay Hugo Of Fenwood

Sansue Castalian

Perrymay Sea Harp

Ipcress Sky Blue

Ipress Sea Bird

Lindjan Tiddly Wink Of Ipress


Lovehayne Scarlet

Sage For Shardanell


Elswood The Highlander

SH.CH. Jobeka Jasper Of Nortonwood

SH.CH. Westley Clementina

Lovehayne Marcasite

CH. Gatchells Limerick To Lovehayne

Sandusky Josee To Lovehayne

Multy CH

Trewater Ripple

Trewater Latino

At Gowergold

Gatchells Jazz Player

Mindaro Nawlins Jazz

Silversky Sundancer By Gatchells

Trewater Sadie

Trewater Trick Of The Light

SH.CH. Sandusky Khamsin At Trewater

Ritzilyn Bucks Fizz

At Trewater


Perrymay Hugo Of Fenwood

Sansue Castalian

Perrymay Sea Harp


Rizilyn Stage Door Jenny

CH. Ritzilyn Cockney Robin

Ritzilyn Centre-Fold


On the 20th of April, between 2 and 4 a.m.,the little AA's were born. The whelping wasn't quite easy, because - as common with small litters - labor was quite tedious, so Jewel had to fight hard to bring out the first one. Well indeed, I pulled that little girl more out than Jewel pressed her out. But it turned out fine, nothing was missing. The second girl shot out all by herself, only 20 minutes later. Then it was nerve-wrecking - it took almost two hours, till No. Three knocked at the door. We said "come out" but he refused to appear. So it was time to use my fingers again - with a firm grip I pulled him out, it was more intense than the first time, but no wonder, it was a stubburn boy and he weighed 568 grams - far more than his sisters with 348 and 412 grams.


Well, now they are 11 days old, the eyes start opening and everybody is more than fine. They all tripled their birthweight already and I am looking forward seeing them tumbling around their whelping room. And I hope they don't use their fat bellies as a support wheel. And if they would resemble my very dear husband, because when he lays on his belly hands and feet won't touch the ground and I have to give him a hand to get him back on his feet. And that is a major act - believe me!

So take a look at the thresome and chill out: It lt's not what it may look like - they are still alive and kicking.


And with every day they become prettier and prettier - here you see our little AA's three weeks old:

And with six weeks they were even prettier - here the official beautyshots:




And last but not least the unctuous words right out the pen of our main-breedwarden:

“Excellent type, very nice heads, excellent bone, wonderful construction. Active, playful, interested in all. A very nice and very promising litter. Superb socialized puppies.”

What should I say? I totally agree!