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The BB-Litter is called BB-Litter, because BB is an abbreviation of "BequickBequick". And this is definitely a good motto for this litter. Why?

Because Ruby decided to be quick in coming into season - at least 4 weeks earlier than her normal cycle.

That's why I had to be quick finding the right stud dog. And then I had to be quick to get him through all the clearance procedures of the Golden Retriever Club, because nobody used him before as a stud over here. And then the Club had to be quick to approve him. Many thanks to Ellen Zaremba and Ralf Koch who did their very best be quick.

And it was just in time because Ruby said to herself "Be quick and get ready for the mating."  Normally on the 14th day of her season. But this time her hormones set a new record and said "ready" three days earlier. All my plans for travelling were sh... So plan B had to be started. Well, plan B was the worst alternative you can imagine and I wanted to avoid that by all means, because in plan B I had to hand over the key part to my "Oh-God-I-really-don't-know-if-I-can-manage-this"-husband. I didn't even asked if he would like to take over - he had to do it - period.

First and foremost he had to do one thing: be quick! Ruby had to go for her eye certificate, Ruby had to go to the vet for her pet scheme treatment, the tunnel had to be booked, he had to go to the bank for English Pounds, he had to inform the stud dog owner that he will be there at 10 next morning and he had to go pee before he hit the Autobahn at 9 pm. And he did it - he was at the stud dog owner's house next morning at 10 am. Where?  In a hick town named Deblins Green. This place might be mentioned in a map of walks but not in a road map, nor a gps system and even Google Maps only show some kind of meadow. Well, it's named Deblins Green anyway. In reality Deblins Green has an Abbey and about six more houses and thanks to Malcolm Godefroy more dogs as inhabitants than humans.But it has lots of landscape and of course the Malverns - the British miniature edition of the Alps. Just one hill, some feet above sea level and lots of Alpine tourists and some really gorgeous views. It must be really nice around there, but I wasn't interested in my husband's sightseeing report - the only thing I wanted to know was:"How did the mating go?"

"Well, I had a lovely time with Malcolm, his coffee tastes very well, we had a nice chat before, during and after and the dinner was excellent, I have to thank Malcolm for his outstanding stud service and his hospitality and Ruby and I had a real good time.." "You are driving me nuts, you can thank him later and tell me more about your adventures up there, but now: What about the mating?"

Well, it was a real "be quick" mating, the prelude just took about 11 and a half seconds, upon the lady, into the lady, however and Thank God, the "coming out" took a little longer, about half an hour. To make it short - an absolutely perfect mating. Same thing next morning, however the prelude was a very be quick, only 6 seconds. Well, of course, they knew each other from the day before. And off we went on the motorway and were back home at 2 am on Thursday - it was a bequick, short and enjoyable trip.

I really shouldn't leave my hubby so much room for his feuilletonistic excursions or should I say: for his verbal diarrhoea - but that wouldn't be very nice, would it:

Whatsoever, here come the hard facts:

Let me introduce - the parents of the BB-Litter

Fenwood Marc Jacobs (called Jacob)


                                                                            and Trewater Rapunzel (called Ruby)


The pedigree of the BB's looks very promising for the experts. For all others it should be enough if they see red, because in this case red means good, because red marks all the champions in the pedigree and there are lots of them.










Marc Jacobs JW

Multi CH

Dewmist Servantes


Multi CH
Erinderry Gaelic Minstrel

SH.CH.  Erinderry Diamond Edge Of Glenavis

CH Papeta Philosopher

CH Erinderry Amber Of Tyrol

Irish SH CH /  Int CH

Erinderry Firebird

SH CH Tyrol Evening Shadow

Galalith Charlie Girl


Multi CH
Dewmist Shaquille

SE U (U) CH.

Inassicas Dandelion

SU (U) CH Goldsand’s Tiger

Inassicas Water Lily

SU (U) CH Nor CH

Dewmist Savannah

NORDV-95 NUCH Styal Sheer Scandal

NUCH Dewmist Shade of Pale

Ramchaine Green Glow by Fenwood

Erinderry Just the
Ticket from Bluewaters

Irish SH CH / English SHCH
Gunhills Blue River

SH CH Sansue April Joker

Gunhills Betty

Irish SH CH and Int. CH

Erinderry Firebird

SH CH Tyrol Evening Shadow

Galalith Charlie Girl

Remington Requisite

of Ramchaine


Elswood The Highlander

SH CH Jobeka Jasper of Nortonwood

SH CH Westley Clementina

Remington Rosette

Remington Rocket

Remington Ritzy








Trewater Rapunzel



Shardanell Castaspell



Ipcress Sir Thomas



Perrimay Hugo Of Fenwood

Sansue Castalian

Perrymay Sea Harp

Ipcress Sky Blue

Ipress Sea Bird

Lindjan Tiddly Wink Of Ipress


Lovehayne Scarlet

Sage For Shardanell


Elswood The Highlander

SH.CH. Jobeka Jasper Of Nortonwood

SH.CH. Westley Clementina

Lovehayne Marcasite

CH. Gatchells Limerick To Lovehayne

Sandusky Josee To Lovehayne

Multi Ch /Veteran Ch VDH / CluB

Trewater Ripple

Trewater Latino

At Gowergold

Gatchells Jazz Player

Mindaro Nawlins Jazz

Silversky Sundancer By Gatchells

Trewater Sadie

Trewater Trick O’ The Light

SH.CH. Sandusky Khamsin At Trewater

Ritzilyn Bucks Fizz

At Trewater


Perrimay Hugo Of Fenwood

Sansue Castalian

Perrymay Sea Harp


Rizilyn Stage Door Jenny

CH. Ritzilyn Cockney Robin

Ritzilyn Centre-Fold

That this bequick-mating will bear fruits we know for three days now. Sorry that we didn't post it earlier but we had to go through a quick three-day-long attack of euphoria. The ultrasound showed nine fruitchambers when we stopped counting. But at this time we don't need to know more, we know that Ruby will have a normal to big litter. So, let's see and wait what comes out.

And here's the proof - however you can only see two. And the whole pic looks more than an eagle than little dogs in a big dog's belly:

Take a closer look at the right fruitchamber. What you see is really astonishing. To help you find out what or who this is - we will zoom in:


This looks like Gollum out of "The Lord of the Rings" . You may call this pup "my precious" later on. We'll see if we recognize Gollum when he is baked through.

O.K. - now we have to be quick - with waiting for the whelping. The calculated birthday is October 1st - but the way Ruby does it, it can be quicker, her first two litters came five days earlier than calculated.

Well, not this time - only four days earlier and one more sleepless night! And again just for nothing! Ruby kept the suspense up, she was restless the whole night long and nothing but panting. She waited for whelping till day light. Quarter to eight the first pup was born - quarter after one p.m. the last - 5 boys and four girls - sound and kicking.

And you won't believe it, all nine are the most gorgeous puppies in the whole galaxy. Well, just what I expected.


Please take a closer look on the right picture - see that ugly pink piggy nose?

And now look at this one - the shoe polish trick worked again after only one week treatment. And the paws: black and shiny as it should be!

Here you can see them performing their main activity - sleeping and digesting. Well, you can't really see the digesting - but I'm sure you don't want to see it in detail - except for us breeders, we celebrate it!

Now the little BB's are three weeks old. Everything went very well so far - eyes open, ears open, they are on their feet, teething went well - and that means: solid food! O.K., solid is relative, but more solid than milk in any case. And the best thing for them. They are entitled for a real mess!




Well, eating manners did improve over the time, however ptretty slowly. The big mess stayed for some days but then somekind of propper manners took over.


Slowly, but surely the little BB's gotr bigger, fatter, sassier and more active. And in the end they were allowed to go on some field trips outside - not very often, because the ´weather didn't cooperate very well. Here some impressions:




soon we will publish the official beautyshots of the BB's - patience please!

Here they are - the official and beloved beauty shots:





Still something missing - Oh yes the unctuous words of our breed warden:

“Well balanced, active, proper puppies of even nice type. Very good bone, very good coat, very good pigment. All dogs and puppies are fully integrated into their family. Affectionate breeding with ful socialisation."

Thank you, I couldn't do better.