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It all started very normal. I expected Ruby to come into season mid or end September. I started early to look for a lover boy. Soon after I started I found a wonderful sire from Scotland, also fulfilling all my wishes regarding temperament. The sire's pedigree was absolutely stunning and perfect for my line.. And it would extraordinarily enhance the gene pool of my breeding, knowing his excellence in passing on his goodies.

However, this Scotish boy also had a disadvantage - he was already 12 years old and that took its toll. Well, it can't hurt to ask! So I called Ellen McKay his owner and we got along very well right rom the start. But she had bad news - the sire wasn't in business anymore. After some " oh my, oh well, oh dear, oh my goodness, oh my God!" - she felt sorry for me and said: "Well, I think I still have one portion of frozen semen" and - causing blissful happiness on my side of the wire - she was willing giving it to me respectively to Ruby. The semen was from 2009, a good vintage.

Why was I so blissful happy? You can see it here, this is Harris alias SHCH Lochtaymor King of Diamonds:


And for those among you, who can read a pedigree - just take a look and you won't stop yourself pressing out some "oohs" and "aahs". For all others: Just count the "Reds" - that are the champions.











Lochtaymor King of Diamonds

Jemedin Diamond Double of Lochtaymor


Multi CH
Erinderry Diamond Edge of Glenavis

CH  Papeta Philosopher

(Crufts Winner 1994)

CH Sansue Golden Ruler

SH CH Westley Sophia of Papeta


Erinderry Amber Of Tyrol

Sansue Castalian

Galalith Charlie Girl



Jemedin Boogie Woogie


Rainscourt Fall Guy

CH Stanroph Sailor Boy

Rossbourne Inspiration to Rainscourt

Rainscourt Wren of Jemedin

Rainscourt Quicksilver

Rainscourt Intruder

Rainscourt Queen of Scots of Lochtaymor

Rainscourt Huntsman

Rainscourt Zebastian

SH CH Stanroph Soldier Boy

Rainscourt Lyricist

Rainscourt Waxwing

SH CH Rainscourt Fall Guy

Rainscourt Willow

Rainscourt Bounty

SH CH  Kimwharry

O’Rourke of Ritzilyn

CH Ritzilyn Cockney Robin

SH CH Kimwhany Next Step

Rainscourt Quest

for Fame at Islavale

SH CH Rainscourt Fall Guy

Rainscourt Ice Maiden








Trewater Rapunzel



Shardanell Castaspell



Ipcress Sir Thomas



Perrimay Hugo Of Fenwood

Sansue Castalian

Perrymay Sea Harp

Ipcress Sky Blue

Ipress Sea Bird

Lindjan Tiddly Wink Of Ipress


Lovehayne Scarlet

Sage For Shardanell


Elswood The Highlander

SH.CH. Jobeka Jasper Of Nortonwood

SH.CH. Westley Clementina

Lovehayne Marcasite

CH. Gatchells Limerick To Lovehayne

Sandusky Josee To Lovehayne

Multi Ch /Veteran Ch VDH / CluB

Trewater Ripple

Trewater Latino

At Gowergold

Gatchells Jazz Player

Mindaro Nawlins Jazz

Silversky Sundancer By Gatchells

Trewater Sadie

Trewater Trick O’ The Light

SH.CH. Sandusky Khamsin At Trewater

Ritzilyn Bucks Fizz

At Trewater


Perrimay Hugo Of Fenwood

Sansue Castalian

Perrymay Sea Harp


Rizilyn Stage Door Jenny

CH. Ritzilyn Cockney Robin

Ritzilyn Centre-Fold

As Harris hadn't had a German girl before he was not officially registered as a stud dog in  Germany. He needed a stud dog permission from the German Club and had to be put on the official stud dog list to get his licence to ... Ellen sent me all the required paperwork including eye certificates up to 2011 two years after the semen was taken.

Ellen even took Harris to the eye specialist for his clear eye certificat at 12 years. I was and still am and always will be extremely thankful to her doing this for me.


Since yesterday (October 27) we know that Ruby is pregnant. I'm sure Harris watched out for her from behind rainbow bridge and feels happy that his legacy will be carried on.

Here's the first pic of one of the 7-8 who will carry on his legacy.

My dear hubby said "It's a boy!" - obviously misinterpreting the white cloud in the middle of the cavity. For others it looks like an old man leaning at the wall of his cave putting a blanket over his legs. Other people say it's just a pile of cells trying to turn into dogs.

Whatever, in less than five weeks it will turn into one of the most handsome Golden Retriever puppies the world has ever seen - bet?

Well, I lost my bet - they are not the most handsome puppies of the world, they are the most handsome puppies of all galaxies. They were born on November 26, it started shortly after 8 and at 2.30 it was all over - at night of course - how else could it be? 9 puppies - 3 boys and 6 girls. There would have been 7 girls, but the last one was stillborn, she went directly to her father and is keeping him company in dog's heaven. Have a good time up there you two!

The nine others are sound and healthy and we are very happy to have them with us - especially after all the tragedies that happened before.

And here they are - Harris's  legacy:

More to come from the DD-gang - promised!

And here is more:




Hi there - nice to meet you - gimme five!"                   Enough small talk -. I need my beauty sleep - 
                                                                                         get out of here, leave me alone!


Maybe next time we'll have more time - meanwhile we are quite busy with drinking, digesting and resting!

Now we are almost four weeks old and good news: By one or two spontaneous healings we got rid of our congenital handicaps - we can see, we can hear, we can walk and we even got teeth. Our human Dad is quite upset about this, because his teeth live in a glass and he is only allowed to take them out of it for his meals.

Well, I think, instead of blabbering you wanna see some pics, don't you? No, ok,then no!

Ok,ok, because it's Christmas time - here's my present to you: 

Anybody out there? You know I can't stand stalking!

Nobody there, well, then I go back to sleep - whereever.

This is the first one who escaped the whelping box with a daredevil maneuver. Climbing up on one of his pals and then in one fell swoop over the fence - and all because he was so hungry! With that stunt he opened the gate for everyone, and they all could explore the expanse of their poky and get into contact with the whole mispocheh living on the outside.


An absolute highlight in our young life was the first time we got real food - yummy! Well, we have to admit that our eating manners still need some improvement ..

But it was so yummy, so the sun will shine tomorrow

Help!!! Help!! - The aliens have landed ... .. however we aren't nosy at all ...