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Actually the HH-Litter was intended to be a repeat litter of the ZZ-Litter, because  I wanted to get a new Juicy, since she can't have any more babies after the dramatic circumstances of the FF-Litter. However, Ludwig that Beethoven had been ailing a bit, so I decided not to take that risk and looked for a replacement - and found Noah. Noah is a beautiful dog with a terrific temperament and actually 3/4 Beethoven. And in fact not just a replacement but a congenial partner to Ruby, as everybody can see taking a glance at the pedigree of the HH's to be:









Multi CH
Noah Of The Hellacious Acres

Multi CH

Dewmist Servantes


Multi CH
Erinderry Gaelic Minstrel

SH.CH.  Erinderry Diamond Edge Of Glenavis

CH Papeta Philosopher

CH Erinderry Amber Of Tyrol

Irish SH CH /  Int CH

Erinderry Firebird

SH CH Tyrol Evening Shadow

Galalith Charlie Girl


Multi CH
Dewmist Shaquille

SE U (U) CH.

Inassicas Dandelion

SU (U) CH Goldsand’s Tiger

Inassicas Water Lily

SU (U) CH Nor CH

Dewmist Savannah

NORDV-95 NUCH Styal Sheer Scandal

NUCH Dewmist Shade of Pale

Philomena Of The Hellacious Acres

Int. CH
Taram Du Bois
De La Rayere

Int. CH
Beeangee Jumping Jack Flash

CH Ritzilyn Cockney Robin

Stanroph Spring Breeze At Beeangee

Int. CH  Alibren Mon Chérie avec Stanroph

CH Stanroph Squadron Leader

SH CH Alibren Uhura

Ramchaine Green Glitter

SH CH  Erinderry Just The Ticket From Bluewaters

SH CH Gunhills Blue River

Int. CH Erinderry Firebird

Remington Requisite
Of Ramchaine

SH CH Elswood The Highlander

Remington Rosette








Trewater Rapunzel



Shardanell Castaspell



Ipcress Sir Thomas



Perrimay Hugo Of Fenwood

Sansue Castalian

Perrymay Sea Harp

Ipcress Sky Blue

Ipress Sea Bird

Lindjan Tiddly Wink Of Ipress


Lovehayne Scarlet

Sage For Shardanell


Elswood The Highlander

SH.CH. Jobeka Jasper Of Nortonwood

SH.CH. Westley Clementina

Lovehayne Marcasite

CH. Gatchells Limerick To Lovehayne

Sandusky Josee To Lovehayne

Multi Ch /Veteran Ch VDH / CluB

Trewater Ripple

Trewater Latino

At Gowergold

Gatchells Jazz Player

Mindaro Nawlins Jazz

Silversky Sundancer By Gatchells

Trewater Sadie

Trewater Trick O’ The Light

SH.CH. Sandusky Khamsin At Trewater

Ritzilyn Bucks Fizz

At Trewater


Perrimay Hugo Of Fenwood

Sansue Castalian

Perrymay Sea Harp


Rizilyn Stage Door Jenny

CH. Ritzilyn Cockney Robin

Ritzilyn Centre-Fold

On the 10th of February the two got together - in windy, dark, cold, icy Holland. Here's the proof - well at least you can see that it was dark. Thank God that both of them are rather blond otherwise they couldn't have found each other in the dark.

No, these two are no shady characters, they don't need to hide from sunshine ...

That's Noah:

And here comes Ruby:


And now it's waiting again - puppies are due Mid April. And we will find out if everything went alright at the Ides of March. Till then ...

We got over the Ides of March and climbed from hope to good hope: Ruby is pregnant and here is the proof:

What you see looks more or less like an Easter-lamb sitting in a lounge-chair and does not resemble a dog. However, I'm quite optimistic that this will change, all it needs is a little time to turn into a cute Golden Retriever.. And we saw other fruitchambers on the ultrasound so this lamb will not be an only lamb.

Time is on my side said Ruby when she realized that Jersey had beaten her with her pups. So she pressed the pedal to the metal and accelerated the development of her lambs. Three days early, only two days later than Jersey, she said that's it, my lambs are dogs now, time to throw them out. My rejoicing about getting around a nightshift with Jersey seemed to bother her, so she decided to start whelping not before 10 pm and closed shop well after 2 am., so we couldn't go to sleep before 4 am and had to get up again at 7 am. Well, we don't mind, do we? Just my very dear hubby started moaning - as usual: "I'll report that to the breeder-husband-union, they should do something about it and rule whelping-hours. I need my sleep, otherwise my beauty will be harmed!" "If you really think you are so beautiful, I'll call you Bello from now on. That's suits you!"

And you will not believe it, all five didn't look like lambs anymore, they were real proper Golden Retriever pups. So proper that Ruby almost had beaten Jersey not by the number of pups but by weight., because her smallest pup weighs as much as Jersey's biggest. And she balanced the female overspill of Jersey - now it's seven to seven genderwise.

What - I promised to show you some pictures of the puppies - you're kidding. Well, ok I am a gracious person ("Bello! Stop giggling in the background!"), so here they come - the first pics of the little HH's:

So, enough for now - more will come from the puppy paradise at Haingruendau ...


Here are more news in form of new pics of the little HH's. They are two weeks old now, they can see, hear and walk - from now on ther will be more action in the whelping-box.

And if you wonder there were only 5 pups and you can see 14 now. Quite simple, I developped a new pedagogical concept for breeding, called co-education. You simply take two litters and out comes a big pile of puppies and the two litters melt into a new one.