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For matings we have been in Belgium, in England, in France, in The Netherlands, in Austria and in North-Germany, always abroad, as you can see.

I selected a beautiful husband for Layla - Dailuaine destiny's child - , named Duncan - or officially TREBELL TAKEN BY STORM, living in The Netherlands. And we already used him with Josie for the L-Litter. And the puppies turned out so beautifully that I decided to put him on Leyla as well. They both fit perfectly together - typewise, pedigreewise and temperamentwise.

And here come the bride and groom - sorry, groom and bride:



And this is the pedigree of the puppies:

And here are the little darlings:


Something missing? Of course The breedwarden's remarks:

"Homogeneous, typical Golden litter, very nice heads, super pigment, excellent construction, vivid, friendly and tame puppies, very petting. A very promising litter."

Sounds great to me doesn't it?!

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