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About six years ago I first met the breeder of Jersey, Michaela Engstler-Anderson. Literally I only wanted to get some information about the English lines she was using in her breeding scheme. Well, over the years we became real close friends. However, dog talks are still the major part of our conversations. What unifies us is we have identical visions of the breed and we search for the same things in matings.

And we are lucky that our husbands  get on together very well, too. What unifies them is their cacophony about the miserable life of dog-breeder-husbands. They can talk about that even longer than we talk about dogs.

So I got to know Jersey even before she was born. Already on the pedigree she looked very promising. And a couple of weeks old she caught my eye. And I talked Michaela on our visit and several phonecalls into a co-ownership for her. And I'm still very happy that she said o. k. and that she proposed Thomas - her husband - should be co-owner with me, because he has a hunter's licence and therefore allowed to handle her working education.

Her family name is Ganwales, her first name is Jersey. And as it is with dogs, the first name comes after the family name, so her official name is Ganwales Jersey. Our husbands are shaking their senile heads trying to follow this logical explanation, and out come choruswise their usual "Yes Dear".

O.K., back to something pleasant, to Jersey: Her pedigree looks very promising too - you can find some of good British lines in it.

Rosselle Keanu for Romidas, JGD-CH

CH Chinnordale Kirriebillie JW

Gatchells Jazz Player JW

Mindaro Nawlins Jazz

Silversky Sundancer by Gatchells

Ousevale Obsession with Chinnordale

CH Chinnordale Dudley

Ousevale Joelle

Rosselle Rigaletto

Xanthos Black Thorn

Rainscourt Son of a Gun

Xanthos Orange Blossom

Rosinante Rose Girl at Sokenlea

CH Cinmarsh Cassanova

Rosinante Monique

Ganwales Duchess Penelope of Sunmountain

Enjoy Your Lance of Golden Fall

Lorinford Harlequin

SHCH Lorinford Lancelot

Lorinford Lovestory

Xanthos Ruby Murray

Ritzilyn Cockney Robin

Xanthos Rahnee

Ganwales All Like an Angel

Moorfield Morning Archibald

CH Ritzilyn Man About Town

Trewater Trouvaille

Trewater by Sunrise

CH Golmas Governour

Trewater Goodwill Gossip

Jersey blended into our pack very smoothly - it seems that Michaela's  dogs and mine are of the same kind and temperament.

In the meantime she met all requirements for the breeding permission and will - hopefully - have her first litter soon.


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