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Aka Dailuaine Jewel in the Crown.  So aptly named - because she is a real Jewel!

She is our baby - a real sweetheart!  Jewel is a golden treasure chest filled with all of her parents lovely traits! Sweet, charming, gentle, active, biddable … where is my thesaurus?

And believe it or not she can bark - like one of the adults!  She tells anyone that walks down the 75 metres of fencing - this is my home!


Jewel has sniffed show atmosphere. She took her two outings like a veteran ….. she enjoyed her appearance in the ring (and her placing of course)  and then curled up along the ringside for a nap! Like her parents - she is a natural retriever! Her first retrieval was a baby bird! Not a feather bent out of shape ….like her dad many, many years ago! And it was still alive!

We’ll see what the future holds for her ….





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