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Josie aka Dailuaine Compliments to Peace is the first Sunshine daughter  we bred on from. It was a long road we walked down till this was possible. Josie left our house when she was 8 weeks old and at first found a lovely home with a young couple.  Everything was “lovey-dovey” and they were a very intact little “family”.  Josie adored her owners and they adored her. Her owner has/had diabetes and when her blood sugar level was dangerously low at night when everyone was asleep, Josie (then only a puppy) would wake her up. 

After several months, we were told that the relationship had split up. To make a long story short, I demanded Josie be returned to us. She was just 11 months old and very traumatized - our  conclusion is that the separation must have been “loud” and “not so nice” - and Josie being a very sensitive dog suffered tremendously. It took several months until she was her old self again and by then we decided not to rehome her - even today, a decision I never regretted.

Now Josie isn’t a showgirl at all, but she attended the obligatory shows. Her favourite things in life are eating, puppies, going for extended walks and digging holes. She sees and hears everything! Her puppies are lovely examples of the breed. Josie knows how to get the best out of a guy and then combines it with her best attributes. As a mom she steps right into her mother’s footsteps! If I had to be critical - I wish she would adore dummies and game as much as she adores her tennis ball! But that’s her former owners’ fault!



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