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Juicy's kennel name is Dailuaine Zingapore Zling - she is out of Ruby and Beethoven,the experts among you will know them better asTrewater Rapunzel and SH CH Beethoven Of The Hellacious Acres. Juicy was born on the 3rd of August 2012, as one of our Z-Litter as you could have guessed from her name..

Her pedigree does not look too bad. Who is familiar with the breed will find some names with a certain influence to the breed. Those among you who are not so familiar with the breed, just look at the colour of the names, if you see red you see champions. And there is a lot of red in this pedigree:










Beethoven Of The Hellacious Acres


Int. SH CH

Dewmist Silk Symphony


Erinderry Gaelic Minstrel

SH.CH.  Erinderry Diamond Edge Of Glenavis

CH Papeta Philosopher

CH Erinderry Amber Of Tyrol

SH CH Erinderry Firebird

SH CH Tyrol Evening Shadow

Galalith Charlie Girl


Styal Silksilla


Remington Rory

CH Paudell Easter Plantaganet atKerrien

SH CH Styal Snow Flake Of Remington

Styal Scottish Symphonia

SH CH Kulawand Celtic Sun

Styal Superscotia

Philomena Of The Hellacious Acres

Int. CH
Taram Du Bois
De La Rayere

Int. CH
Beeangee Jumping Jack Flash

CH Ritzilyn Cockney Robin

Stanroph Spring Breeze At Beeangee

Int. CH  Alibren Mon Chérie avec Stanroph

CH Stanroph Squadron Leader

SH CH Alibren Uhura

Ramchaine Green Glitter

SH CH  Erinderry Just The Ticket From Bluewaters

SH CH Gunhills Blue River

Int. CH Erinderry Firebird

Remington Requisite
Of Ramchaine

SH CH Elswood The Highlander

Remington Rosette








Trewater Rapunzel



Shardanell Castaspell



Ipcress Sir Thomas



Perrimay Hugo Of Fenwood

Sansue Castalian

Perrymay Sea Harp

Ipcress Sky Blue

Ipress Sea Bird

Lindjan Tiddly Wink Of Ipress


Lovehayne Scarlet

Sage For Shardanell


Elswood The Highlander

SH.CH. Jobeka Jasper Of Nortonwood

SH.CH. Westley Clementina

Lovehayne Marcasite

CH. Gatchells Limerick To Lovehayne

Sandusky Josee To Lovehayne


Trewater Ripple

Trewater Latino

At Gowergold

Gatchells Jazz Player

Mindaro Nawlins Jazz

Silversky Sundancer By Gatchells

Trewater Sadie

Trewater Trick Of The Light

SH.CH. Sandusky Khamsin At Trewater

Ritzilyn Bucks Fizz

At Trewater


Perrymay Hugo Of Fenwood

Sansue Castalian

Perrymay Sea Harp


Rizilyn Stage Door Jenny

CH. Ritzilyn Cockney Robin

Ritzilyn Centre-Fold


What can say, the pedigree didn't promise too much. For me, Juicy ia a stunning beauty - one of the prettiest I've ever seen. Well, who calls the kettle black?!

However, you can have a second opinion - this is what Mrs. Jane Cring of the Linoaks Kennel has to say about her: " Very pretty head, super dark eye and pigment. Strong neck, flowing into a level topline. Excellent front and aft construction, good bone, tight feet. Moved well, when settled."

And the breeding permission reads like this:

"Good  size, excellent type, feminine head, very dark eye, excellent coat, beautiful appearance and expression. Loping movement."

I didn't say something else - but shorter!

And her temperament? Juicy is one of the sweetest, loviest, nicest, most sympathetic dogs I know. And ifd you don't believe me - here's the report of her temperament-test and that judge knows more dogs than I do:: "Still very young for a temperament-test, very active, blended very well in the pack of all other dogs, feeling very comfortably among them. Very sure and confident, inviting everybody to play with her - sustained and full of temperament. She partnered up with her owner verry nicely and trustfully, with excellent will-to-please. She wasn't very keen on playing with the judge, however, getting into contact with strange persons she is trustfully but a bit guarded. Optical and accustical stimuli as well. She noticed the gunshots respectfully, reserved but not deeply impressed. The dog is gunshot proof."

Not too bad either- or?

And what do I like most? Of course she is one of the most beautiful bitches I've ever seen.. But what I really like is her effervescent friendlinesss, her unbreakable activity, her affection, her perseverence in cuddling, her overwhelming will-to-please.

What I don't like? see above - when she wants a little too much of everything. My hubbie - the one-and-only-impeccable-dog-pontifex" is still searching the Off-Button on her.

She has her breed permission and is therefore ready to rumble:

Hipscore: A2/A2

Ellbows: 0/0

Eyes: clear

Qualification: excellent

Free for breeding without restrictions.

We will work on that in peace and quiet and with  utmost due dilligence. Her first litter will be our FF-Litter due mid July 2015. However, pf you search our website, the sooner or later you will fginf more about this - keep looking!

Before that you can look at some pictures of our Juicy:


Das ist Juicy im zarten Alter von 7 Wochen.

Das ist sie mit 5 Monaten - links zusammen mit ihrem Bruder Zailor, sie ist das mit den spitzen Ohren.

So sah sie mit 1 1/2 Jahren aus - eine richtig photogene Schönheit, oder?

Das ist sie auf einer Ausstellung mit knapp zweiJahren.

Da ist sie drei und jetzt sieht sie richtig erwachsen aus.

Jetzt ist sie reif für Babies - mal sehen, ob's klappt. Mehr dazu seht Ihr unter Welpen und FF-Wurf.


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