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Pearl aka Dailuaine Diamonds ‘n’ Pearls is Layla’s sister - my dog! Pearl and Layla are just like sisters can be - genetically sisters, yet very different! Pearl raised her hand at least 5x when God distributed the genes for “coat”. In full coat she looks  fat, but put on the scale, she weighs less than Layla!

In the show ring she has proven herself - as a brood bitch … she’s still trying!

When I decided that I would like to have a litter out of Pearl, it was a terribly long wait for her season. Her hormones were like a rollercoaster ride - up and down and around. One day we thought - yep,its getting close to ovulation day and then it was - oops, not yet. In the end she was mated and produced lovely puppies. The second go was a flop - she didn’t take.  I haven’t given up hope for a second litter ….


Pearl is a truly active dog that loves to be outdoors! One of her lesser nice traits is her desire to dig a tunnel through Mother Earth and hopefully end up in Korea - or Australia? She smells water even if it is miles away and then there is no stopping! Retrieving is her favourite game! She will not give up and search until she finds it! She is full of life and yet a love dove like her sister Layla! She has so much to offer - I wish she would decide to pass it on more often!





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