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Skye aka Dailuaine Fields of Gold is one of the two healthy twins out of our Welsh adventure!

This dog is a whirlwind!  Her lifestyle can only be described like this:press the pedal to the metal or cruising.  She has deleted anything and everything that lies between these two things. However, despite being the tornado she is, she is very biddable and obedient!


She is a real beauty - elegant and very feminine. Her ring presence can be felt before she even enters the ring!


And how well had she proven her show quality: Skye is German Champion.


I'm especially proud of this title, because it's my first homebred champion and because Skye is following  in her mother's footsteps.

This proves that my line is not that bad after all and that it seems I have an eye for matching studdogs. By the way, congratulations to Wales to Trewater Latino - the "Father of the Champion".

And what did my husband had to say to this? "Now I have to rebuild the whole vestibule!"

Why? Because one wall of our vestibule is "The Wall of Champions" And he has to make room for the fifth. Skye will be in good company - together with her mother Sunshine, her halfsister Ripple, Cracker Jack and Shadow.


And here she comes:


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