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The P-Litter is planned as something very special. That's why we designated Pearl to get the P-Puppies - Pearl like P - you got it?

As we breeders are very careful regarding  the mating partners the stud dog had - beside others - to fullfil one very special postulate. In his name had to be at least one P and his ancestors had to have at least one P in each generation - 3 generations back. After a long and painful research we found the matching partner for Pearl. It is Shardanell Castaspell. In his 3-generation-pedigree are 8 P's. 8 out of 12 is more than sufficient to produce perfect puppies. Because there is an old rule among breeders. Matching P's stand for matching genes. That is scientificially proven - however only for the letter P. All other letters are still under research.

The disadvantage about letter-genealogy is that you cannot expect to find the matching partner in your near neighbourhood. So's the case here. That Shardanell Castaspell lives in Wales - almost 800 miles away. If you convert that, it' over 4 PPS. What PPS are? - that what the name says: PeePitStops!

Serious talk now:

The P-Litter is planned as something very special. That's why I choose a very special guy for Pearl: ShowChampion Shardanell Castaspell - called Harry - one of the most promising dogs England can offer today. I like his construction, his coat, his head, everything. And I am addicted to his temperament. That's what everybody said whom I asked.

Paint your own picture, because a picture says more than thousand words:

 And here comes Pearl:

And this is the pedigree:


And here they are - all the P's:




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