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My Golden Retriever Kennel was "founded" in 1996 and I am quite serious about my responsibility as a breeder of this lovely breed. From day one my goal in breeding has been to only breed excellent, healthy (extra strong emphasis on temperament!), sound and very typical dogs that meet the breed standard in every aspect.

The kennel my foundation bitch comes from is reknown worldwide for its sound, typical and loving Golden Retrievers. I am very proud and happy that I was entrusted with a bitch from the AMIRENE Kennel. Sunshine is behind all dailuaine Golden Retrievers. The studdogs I choose are just a friendly, sound, typical, healthy, loving and excellent ambassadors of the breed.

Since all my puppies mean so much to me, I take great care in finding the right homes for each and every one of them. Surely some of the questions and conversations will get on some puppy buyer's nerves, but I am always trying to make sure that my puppies will move into a family that will love them as much as I love their mother. And yes, there have been situations where at the last moment, I decided that I needed to find a new, different home with a certain puppy. Puppies or adult dogs must be returned to me for re-homing. And - I always decide for the welfare of the puppy or dog. Sounds pretty hard - I know - but a puppy can only return the love, affection and happiness it receives. And - if for some reasons, the puppy or adult dog needs to be re-homed, I will be here too.


My responsibility as a breeder doesn't end once the puppy has left our house and family. During many years that this puppy will live in it's new family, many questions, problems, happy stories and adventures will need to be answered, tended to and listened to. I will be here - in good and maybe not so good times. I will always have an open ear for these stories, reports and if necessary give good advice whereever I can, but also, if there is something I don't know (enough) about - I will try to find an answer.

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