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A short story - just on the side - about where my Kennel affix comes from and what it is.

My deceased father was a great friend and connoisseur of Malt Whisky. In his large library  I found a book on Malt Whisky by Michael Jackson (not the Michael Jackson that comes to mind first; this one can trust his nose). This book describes and evaluates various types of Malt Whiskies on the market - their origin, taste, colour etc.

My first golden was Glenailsa Crackerjack (and a real crack he was: Multi Champion of Germany and Luxembourg). He was born in Lenzie - just outside Glasgow. An as far as I know, Glasgow is in Scotland - the cradle of the Golden Retriever breed and of Malt Whisky. And exactly that is where I wanted to find my kennel affix.

I thrumbed through the book, reading up on the different types of malts and since Cracker was a very special golden, I wanted to have a very special affix. I came across "Dailuaine" and thought: "hmm, that's a special one - never seen it in any supermarket or speciality store ..." Of course it was my first choice when I submitted my kennel affix application to the German Kennel Club (VDH) and the FCI. But what does Dailuaine mean? It is gaelic and means "the green vale" - and that is exactly where we live: "Gruendau" means "Green Valley" (green = gruen, (d)au = valley). Fits perfectly doesn't it?! Honestly, I didn't know this at that time. It was a couple years later when Scottish friends told me and also told me the correct pronounciation of "dailuaine". But - intuition is all ...

By the way, all the puppies born in this house are christened with Dailuaine Whisky when the club breedwarden comes to check our kennel, puppies and their mother.




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