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We hope that the W-Litter will be something very special. Because it is Dailuaine fields of gold'S alias Skye's "champion-litter". Skye is our fifth champion, but the first out of my own breeding

And something else is special: The studdog. It's a dog from Sweden, a very noble, special dog of course - with a lot of red ancestors. He lives at one of the most reputed kennels of Sweden, at Dainty's  with Filip and Eva Johnsson. It's:
Le'pets' Top Gun - called Maverick. Just like Tom Cruise in his legendary Top Gun movie. However, seen through a dog's eye he is much more handsome than Tom Cruise. And he has another advantage, he's not a member of any kind of a sect.

This is the pedigree of the W's - for those who can read a pedigree. And for those who can't, just look at the "Reds" that are the champions.










of gold

Trewater Latino
at Gowergold

Gatchells Jazz Player

Mindaro Nawlins Jazz

Amberland Sky-Hi

Mindaro Rosalind

Silversky Sundancer
By Gatchells

Ch Gatchells Sky At Night

Seruilia Sica Sue Of Silversky

Trewater Sadie

Trewater Trick Of The Light

Ch Ritzilyn Cockney Robin

Ch Lovehyne Elisha Of Trewater

SH CH Sandusky Khamsin
At Trewater

ShCh Linchael Conspiracy Of Chevanne

Sansue Golden Gloria Of Sandusky

Amirene Dream On

CH Purbarn
Xtra Thunderstorm

Lorinford Thunderstorm

Of Purbarn

Styal Souvenir of Nortonwood

Lorinford Playgirl

Creates Havoc

At Purbarn

Ch Bolberry Chaconne at Moorquest

Muskan Miss Demeanor of Cinmarsh

Amirene Quietly Confident

ShCh Stanroph Soldier Boy

Ch Paudell Easter Plantagenet at Kerrien

Stanroph Silent Tears

Darris Double Dutch

At Amirene

Ch Sansue Golden Ruler

ShCh Sandusky Brigitta of Darris











Top Gun





Dainty's Man
Of The Year



Dainty's Copy Right


Colbar Step Ahead

SH CH Gunhills Blue River

SH CH Colbar Royal Rhapsody

Dainty's Carbon Copy

Shanlimore Falcon

Dainty’s Rule Brittania


Dainty's Jacobite Rose


Pearlbarn Pinball Wizard

CH Ritzilyn Cockney Robin

Stanroph Sandancer for Pearlbarn

Dainty's Dancing Wave

Dainty’s Goldmine

Goody Goody’s Doris Day

Born To Surprise



Goldenlines New Feeling


Graceline's Under Resans Gång

NUCH Graceline’s Enston

Graceline’s Puppet on a String

Goldenlines Dancing Queen

Gill’s Garfield

SU(U)CH NUCH Tasvane Torrita



Le'pet's The One And Only

Trisoblues Maybe A High Class

John-Blunds Hennesy

Trisoblue Maybe a Success

Honey Queen's
Handfull Of Gold

Birdcherry’s Reward

Glendale Emerald Queen


So far so theoretical. Here come comes reality. Look at the pictures and you'll see that they match perfectly and that their babies should be something very special.


Tak sa mycket to Eva und Filip for giving us Maverick and for their outstanding hospitality. We enjoyed our days at Mörarp very much - and Skye did too as you can see here:

The mating went smooth and easy and just like " Wham Bam Thank you mam"..

Maverick came, looked at her, got crazy for her, up and in and intensly hanging and enjoying - a mating by the book. Two days later same procedure. So far so good

On June 23, Skye gave birth to 3 girls and two boys. All of them are fine and kicking, and Skye is the perfect Mom as usual: .


And here you can see what has become out of these pipsqueaks from above: something very special - in my opinion. :


As usual the crowning finale - the official report of the breed warden:

" Very balanced litter, typical, expressive heads, excellent bone, very nice confirmation. The puppies are very well socialized curious, interested in all, very playful and active among each other, calm and relaxed when dealing with humans, not shy nor cautious. With this litter again, the breeder shows  a praiseworthy engagement!"

What can you say? " He is damn right that breed warden! The W's should become something very special and they did it."